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Published on Oct 13, 2017 15:21

                                 WEEK AT A GLANCE
                      OCTOBER 16TH – OCTOBER 20TH.

Tuesday, October 17th. – Cross-Country Championship Meet
- Good Luck to Nicolas, Olivia and                                                  Carole!

Wednesday, October 18th. – Pizza Day

Upcoming Events:

Wednesday, October 25th. – Grade 7 Hep B. & HPV

Thursday, October 26th: - Halloween Costume Day

Friday, October 27th: - P.A. Day – No school for students

Monday – October 30th- Novemer 2nd, 2017 – Safety Village

Tuesday, October 31st., 2017 – Black & Orange Day
(Happy Halloween!)

Wednesday, November 8th. – Picture Re-Take (pm)

Wednesday, November 15th. – Celebrity Server – Boston Pizza
- Remember to pre-register as
  soon as possible