Principal's Message

Welcome parents, guardians, and students! 

As the principal of Foley Catholic School, I am excited and honoured to serve in partnership with you and the excellent Foley staff as we work together for the benefit of our students, cultivating a nurturing and rich environment, committed to the intellectual, physical, emotional, and spiritual development of all students.  Throughout our school, you will find highlighted our Catholic virtues and values, as we foster a school environment rooted in the teachings of Jesus Christ. 

Foley  has the distinction of being the fourth oldest school in our Board.  Squire Foley believed so strongly in Catholic education that he donated land and money to make our school possible. Since 1884, we have provided the students in Brechin and surrounding areas with excellence in Catholic education. Students from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8 benefit from small class sizes and an extremely supportive staff, as well as from strong parent and local community support.

For those of you who may be new to the area and considering a Catholic Education for your children, please feel free to visit us at the school.


Mrs. Laframboise

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