Student Testimonials

Student Reporters Talk About Foley Catholic School
Posted on 03/12/2020
Emmalee: "I love Foley Catholic School and I hope you do too!"

Johnny: "Foley Catholic School is a great school. It's hard not to meet everybody as it is a small school".

Ian: "This is a good school because the kids are really nice and we get pizza every Wednesday. We do sports like basketball, volleyball, and floor hockey for grade 1 and up. This school is small so you get to meet everyone. The teachers are very nice and it's easy to make friends here. Come on down to Foley because it's great".
Olivia: "I think that we have the best principals!... and I like how Mrs. Turlej lets me play on the volleyball team".

Andreas: "I like this school because of the size of the recess yard".

Braydon: "I think this school is a great school for education and to have a great time. We have good staff and we recommend this school!"

Mack: "This is a good school of the 4 I have been in. It's been fun and the school day feels fast".

Lily: "I love this school. It is a good place. I love it".

Erik: "This is my second favourite. I love the teachers and all my friends. Most of all, I love recess, playing baseball in the summer, and hockey and soccer at recess. I would definitely recommend this school".